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Bridge Lending

When you require more timely and rapid funding for your acquisition, refinancing, repairs, renovations, additions or conversions, Capital Funding Group offers Bridge-to-HUD Loan solutions.

CFG offers nationwide bridge-to-HUD lending to help you meet your objectives.

CFG bridge loans accommodate ranges from $3 million to $25 million, with an average around
$12 million.

Bridge-to-HUD Loan Features

  • Timely loan processing
  • Variable rate debt
  • Interest only for a prescribed period
  • 18-36 month terms
  • Underwritten based upon HUD loan take-out and to HUD specifications
  • Serviced and structured to HUD specification to mitigate take-out risk

Mitigating Take-out Risk

  • Principals and transactions are vetted to HUD specifications
  • Third-party reports for bridge loans are done to HUD specifications
  • Bridge loans are serviced in the same manner as HUD 232 or HUD Multifamily loans
  • Underwriting procedures for bridge loans are identical to straight HUD applications
  • Legal structure for HUD is set up at the time of the bridge loan
  • Applicable legal documents are HUD-compliant during the bridge period
  • LEAN guidelines are carefully considered and conservatively applied on all bridge-to-HUD loans
  • MAP (Multifamily Accelerated Processing) guidelines are carefully considered and conservatively applied on all bridge-to-HUD loans

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