CFG Donates $100,000 in Support of The Green Road Project, a Healing Environment For Wounded Service Members

Entering a serene woodlands walkway and taking in the sights and sounds of nature can be healing, particularly for members of the military.

When military members have faced unfathomable challenges and are left with physical and/or mental wounds or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, connecting with nature can help reduce stress, promote healing and offer precious moments of peace.

The Green Road Project at the Naval Support Activity Bethesda, home of the nation’s renowned Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, will foster this healing through nature approach. The greenland oasis will provide a place of respite, a sense of communion with other wounded service members and a peaceful setting, which can help ease the healing of wounded service members.

SuCFG Donates to Green Road Projectpporting our nation’s military is important to Capital Funding Group, and we know employees currently have or have previously had loved ones serving our country. That’s why we’re proud to provide a $100,000 donation to help sponsor this endeavor that provides a unique pathway to healing for our wounded military members.

The Green Road project is an initiative of the Institute for Integrative Health with funding from the National Open Spaces Sacred Places Awards Initiative.

Retired U.S. Navy neurologist Dr. Fred Foote, a long-time champion of holistic treatment and a patient-centered approach, is instrumental in the creation of the 1.7-acre habitat that will provide a peaceful setting where military service members can experience the healing calm of nature.

Features of therapeutic environment include:

  • A wheel-chair accessible woodland path
  • A Green Road garden that includes a communal pavilion for informal gatherings
  • A commemorative pavilion to honor comrades who have died
  • Benches where service members can gather to share stories
  • A soothing water feature

Additionally, the Institute for Integrative Health and its partners will research the healing impact of this restorative space using special metrics including: combined biomarkers of the stress response; qualitative analysis of journals and stories using natural language processing; and advanced genomics. This fresh scientific-based evidence can substantially advance the case for incorporating exposure to nature into a patient’s treatment.

Donors, dignitaries, veterans, Wounded Warriors and their families will celebrate the opening of The Green Road during a special dedication ceremony Sept. 26.

To learn more about The Green Road Project and to consider making a donation, click here, or follow the Green Road on Facebook and Twitter