CFG’s Erik Howard Quoted in Provider Magazine

CFG’s Erik Howard was recently interviewed for an article entitled, “Banks Cater to Long-Term Care,” that was posted on Provider Magazine’s website on September 5, 2016.

The article covers recent activity in the seniors housing market, which lenders state is robust and active as the industry’s consolidation trend continues.


It is a fairly niche business in terms of health care finance, Howard says, “so you need to make sure your lender understands the dynamics of the industry. Obviously, providers understand the operational risks that they deal with day to day, but I think it is important to ensure that your lender fully recognizes those and gets a sense as to how they address and react to some of those challenges that operators face,” he says.

“If you get a lender that is not terribly active in the space and may not understand survey cycles and what those surveys mean, you could be in a challenging position. You want to partner with someone from a finance perspective that understands your business and has been doing it for awhile and has seen some of those cycles come and go.”

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