SmartCEO Awards CFG 2016 Baltimore Healthiest Company Award

Capital Funding Group is proud to announce that it has been awarded the 2016 Baltimore Healthiest Company Award from SmartCEO Magazine. The award recognizes companies that have demonstrated a commitment to their employee populations through health and wellness programs.

smartceo-healthiestcompaniesCFG’s wellness program gives employees the opportunity to achieve free healthcare coverage through their participation in activities that are part of a healthy lifestyle.

Employees are able to earn points toward healthcare cost savings rewards by attending regular health checkups, being a non-smoker, participating in weight-loss programs and being an active member at the company-owned gym. Additionally, employees are able to attend eight wellness seminars each year that cover topics such as personal fitness, exercise, blood sugar and healthy cooking.

“The primary goal of implementing wellness initiatives is the health and well-being of employees, although we recognize that a strong wellness program can also reduce a business’ healthcare spending,” said Casaundra Leonard, human resources director at CFG. “Since we implemented the program, the current disease prevalence for CFG employees is lower than it was last year in 21 out of 26 categories of disease.”

CFG celebrated their success at the SmartCEO awards reception on September 15, 2016. Casaundra Leonard and Allison Stankis were in attendance to accept the award.