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Assisted Living / Memory Care Owner Operations

As part of CFG’s end-to-end service experience, our team at Capital Health Group, LLC, (CHG) can make value-added investments in senior housing.

By partnering with investors and operators in the industry, CHG focuses on five financing strategies:

  • Purchasing real estate tied to distressed debt
  • Acquiring distressed facilities and rehabilitating them
  • Acquiring stabilized facilities and expanding them
  • Developing facilities in areas with high barriers to entry
  • Acquiring stabilized facilities

Senior Housing Management

Capital Health Group Management currently manages over 920 beds in 11 properties. The map at right highlights the current locations, which focus on the following types of facilities in four
primary regions:

  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • CCRCs

Program Benefits

We conduct a thorough due diligence by leveraging an extensive group of third-party experts to:
Determine the state of the building and equipment

  • Assess any legal or regulatory issues
  • Perform a financial analysis and modeling to project future performance
  • Evaluate the performance of the current staff
  • Research the market and competitive landscape
  • Determine the projected returns of the project

Once the financing is in place, we will closely monitor the performance of the facility through site visits, management updates, and analysis of financial reports. CHG will provide monthly reports summarizing the results to track progress and head off any potential problems.

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