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Cash Management Deposit Services

Business Review

Our cash management deposit services are provided through our full-service commercial bank, CFG Community Bank. As part of the comprehensive CFG solution, our banking capabilities provide our clients with a full, complementary suite of commercial financial services, all under one roof.

Capital Funding Group clients can leverage the convenience of CFG Community Bank services to maximize their cash flow with competitively priced banking solutions.

Locally owned, the experienced bankers at CFG Community Bank work one-on-one with small and middle-market businesses, professionals and executives to deliver big-bank services with small-bank customization.

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To talk to CFG Community Bank about the cash management deposit services described below—and to learn more about other banking services or branch locations—please call CFG Community Bank at 410-823-0500.

See a comprehensive list of big-bank solutions delivered with community-bank service.
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Remote Deposit Capture

With Remote Deposit Capture, you can deposit items from anywhere in the United States through CFG Community Bank’s check scanning technology. Multifactor authentication provides multiple security levels so you can be confident your deposits are processed in a secure environment. You can scan checks 24/7—checks scanned by 5:00 pm EST will receive next business day  availability. Funds for deposit scanned after 5:00 pm EST or on non-banking days are available on the second business day after the day of deposit.

“Remote Deposit Capture allows our nursing facilities’ office managers to make deposits right at their desks. This has eliminated the need to take time out of their busy days to drive to the bank. We can view the deposits same day and the funds become available to us within the same timeframes as if they went to the bank. Given that we also have our working capital lines of credit through CFG Community Bank’s sister company, Capital Finance Group, our deposits immediately sweep to our line of credit, reducing our outstanding balance quicker and therefore lowering our overall carrying cost. Through the remote deposit software I can access reports that enable me to monitor activity, research deposit information and resolve customer questions regarding their payments. Our company’s cash flow and efficiency has improved because of this product / service.”
— Blaine Brint
Aria Health Group

Online Banking

With online banking, our customers can view accounts, transfer money between accounts, pay bills, request stop payments, download history, view history and print statements—all with 24/7 convenience.

Wire Transfer Origination

Originate wire transfers to other financial institutions (with your funds are available that same day). Receive real-time notification of incoming wire transfers and create repetitive wires online.

Deposit Account Control Agreement (DACA)

Learn more.

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)

Learn more.

Fraud Prevention Products

We’re committed to maintaining the highest security standards and providing you with the fraud prevention products like Positive Pay and ACH Filter/Block.

Positive Pay

With Positive Pay, you can import your check issue file through CFG Community Bank’s online banking service. As items are presented to the bank for payment they are matched and validated with the file. Checks containing data inconsistent with the file are quickly identified and customers are provided with a digitized image of the exception item to enhance the decision-making process as to whether the item should be paid or returned.

ACH Filter/Block

Block ACH transactions entirely or apply an ACH filter to disallow specific ACH credits and debits. All ACH transactions not on the allowable transactions list are filtered out and sent to the customer via online banking so a payment or return decision can be made.

Merchant Capture

Process debit and credit card transactions with same-day convenience. CFG Community Bank’s merchant capture service, provided by a third-party vendor, is as easy as accepting cash and includes merchant reporting, as well as immediate deposit.

Corporate Credit Card

CFG Community Bank customers can obtain corporate credit cards to use for business purchases, payment of travel expenses, business entertainment and more through the bank’s third-party vendor.

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To learn more about all of CFG Community Bank’s banking services, please visit the full bank site at or call 410-823-0500.